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FinalScan is a factory production quality control inspection system that utilizes images to analyze and detect defects in manufactured products. The system allows factories to reduce human errors during the inspection process and increase efficiency.



Reduce Cost

FinalScan not only streamlines your production line but also minimizes the need for manual labor, making it a smart investment for your business in order to save resources and reduce costs significantly.

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Improve Efficiency

With FinalScan, speed meets perfection. By automating the inspection process, your factory can now inspect products at lightning speed, boosting productivity and efficiency like never before.

Screenshot 2023-10-09 151143.png

Reduce Time

Through its seamless integration with automated systems, FinalScan optimizes the inspection workflow, allowing for swift and efficient assessment of products without compromising accuracy.

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Defect Detection

Screenshot 2023-09-25 103445.png

Detecting defects that occur during the production on the surface of the product.

Text Recognition

Screen Shot 2566-09-15 at 12.59.40.png

Detecting text or various details on products or machinery




Our Features

Use Cases

OCR (Mobile Setup)

Defect Detection

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Screen Shot 2566-10-11 at 12.17.55.png
Screen Shot 2566-10-11 at 12.18.10.png

OCR (Fixed Camera Setup)

Panel Check

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