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Envision your business with our solutions

Our Core Technologies

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Built on top cloud-based big data platform to support large-scale data processing and data analytics


Modern computer vision & image processing technologies ensuring robustness to changing conditions


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State-of-the-art machine/deep learning used for feature extraction, detection, and image recognition

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Give users deeper analysis of insights than general software, with Natural Language Processing Artificial Intelligence.

Our Products

Computer Vision Platform Providing The Solution For Any Indoor Facilities


MANAVIS utilizes Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Technology capable of rapidly and accurately collecting and analyzing customers' behavior data. MANAVIS has been developed to efficiently work with surveillance cameras in stores. When connected to CCTV cameras, our AI system detects people, objects and various events for deep data processing and analysis. Results obtained from the system can then be used by stores to strategize their marketing and sales efforts, to increase opportunities and grow their business beyond what was previously possible.

Image by Xianjuan HU
Image by Daulet Turubayev


FinalScan is a factory production quality control inspection system that utilizes images to analyze and detect defects in manufactured products. The system allows factories to reduce human errors during the inspection process and increase efficiency.


A "voice of the customers" analytics platform using text/speech analytics solution designed to provide brand and customer intelligence. This significantly helps all users to gain more insights about brand and personal reputation, customer interests, and products.

Story Time


With Waijai, we believe In safeguarding what matters most: your family and your home. Our advanced home monitoring application solves problems faced by families and caregivers to make homes for the elderly safer and more secure. Having Waijai as your security system means always feeling connected and safe.

Your all-in-one home monitoring app for security, healthcare, and safety.

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