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Our Advanced AI and Deep Learning Technology swiftly gather and analyze customer behavior data. Seamlessly integrated with in-store CCTV cameras, MANAVIS accurately detects people, objects, and events, enabling deep data processing and insightful analysis. Empower your business with actionable insights to fine-tune marketing and sales strategies, opening doors to unprecedented growth opportunities!

AI Video Analytics



Improve Engagement

Increase customer engagement by using Manavis to help you place products correctly and increase sales.

improve engagement
improve experience

Improve Experience

Improve customer experience with Manavis by viewing the density of and time spent by customers in a store to control crowding by tracking popular locations and customer flow paths. MANAVIS also includes payment queue viewing and the staff response time.

Conversion Rate

Increase sales using Manavis by providing additional information on products that customers are interested in.

improve conversion


manavis architecture.

Our Features

Use Cases


People Detection

Face Detection

smart retails

Gender Classification

face recognication
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